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VPL refrigerating pre-treatment line for fruits and vegetables


VPL type refrigerating pre-treatment line for fruits and vegetables is a complete automatic production line that independently innovated on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced technology in the 90’s for freezing fruits and vegetablees, the line matched with type SLD quick freezing unit, for treatment of branching, washing and cooling. The equipment is made of stainless steel, replacing heavy labour with easy operation, nonpollution, low consumption and high efficiency, in compliance with export standard of food hygiene, to assure the quality and quantity of products. It normally applies to washing, branching and precooling treatment of green sword bean, taro, bamboo piece, helan bean, mushroom, pea, young soya bean, onion, cabbage and fruits.

Type VPL refrigerating pre-treatment assembly line for fruits and vegetablees is composed of air bubble cleaning machine, Spiral float ironing machine or net belt type float ironing machine spray cooling machine,water cooling machine, belt picking machine, feeding elevator , vibration and filter water distributor, and related electric control cubinets. Assembly line may be lined straightly or "L" style according to the actual requirement of the clients.

1.Branching machine: time of branching is from one minute to ten minutes, team electromagenet valve to control automatically ateam temperature of 90-110 with features of boiling and disinfection.


2.Auto precooler: ice temperature of 0-4, speed of converyer belt can be freely adjusted according to the different products to meet the required temperature.

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