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YQ type leaf cleaning machine


Rice dumpling is a traditional Chinese food. Industrialization production of dumplings need to clean Zongye which based on manual cleaningmanual cleaning tend to consume a large amount of manpower.Therefore after researching and developing in recent years, our company has successfully developed the Zongye cleaning equipment.


The basic working principle of the device is that the device is mainly composed of two row  brush(a total of seven group, fourteen hair brush),the inlet design a group of clamping brush.When brush roll turns, Zongye move between two rows brush, which imitate human actions ,and achieve the purpose of cleaning Zongye,and completely replace manual labor, make the traditional national industry Zongye cleaning has a full improvement.

This product has been selected into the CCTV CCTV-10 technology channel "I love invention" column broadcast.


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