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SLD food fluidized IQF

New SLD series fluidized quick-freezing device was developed by basing on the domestic current models, and absorbing the advanced technique and technology of the Swedish FRIGOSCANDIA, gaoqiao industrial co., LTD of Japan, has been updated to the sixth generation. Fluidized quick freezing principle is that in a network with granular, flake or lumpy food, under the action of strong cold air from bottom to top, form the similar boiling frozen state (or with the aid of machinery method to form the boiling state), make the food particles movement like a fluid, rapid freezing and rapid heat transfer in the movement. The company's products through "cold" and "wind" the best optimization, to achieve the desired effect of the "I.Q.F.", this product has more features and benefits:

* Efficient preservationit is a new type of quick freezing device with energy saving, high efficiency and maximum food freshness keeping .

* Frozen goods do not agglomerate, complete with I.Q.F. standard.

Frozen food quality: With strong air convection, the freezing speed is fast, and the quality of the frozen products is excellent.

*High heat transfer efficiency:Evaporator using aluminum evaporator with large sets of pieces ( or copper tube evaporator with large sets of pieces) , high heat transfer coefficient, and supporting special fan, the organization of the airflow uniform and reasonable.

A high degree of health: purification and maintenance is very easy, in line with HACCP management system requirements 

* Energy saving, low noise: high efficiency of heat transfer effect by using special fan and evaporator, more energy saving.

*Defrosting times less: adopt the whole piece, variable distance, frosting rate is low, can maintain 10~12 hours of continuous work without defrosting.

* Strong anticorrosion performance: using food grade stainless steel or galvanized steel, rust proof aluminum evaporator, with strong corrosion resistance.

Frozen widely : All fruits and vegetables of different shapes can be frozen, and can be equipped with a small cart tray food, to achieve a multi-purpose IQF freezer.

Quick retrofit designThe company has more than 30 years experienced senior professional and technical personnelaccording to the user's special requirements, we can quickly designed to meet the needs of users.

According to different freezing forms the device can be divided into axial flow fan type, centrifugal fan type and double-effect amphibious type, the conveyor belt can be used stainless steel mesh belt and plastic mesh belt, specific ordering.


*selection Description:

Clear quick-frozen production capacity, and provide your company main product variety, shape, size, weight of monomer and the related physical properties (such as moisture content, etc.). This equipment is designed on the basis of green bean. with 88% moisture content .

1.       Clear your company frozen machine installation site and layout scheme.

2.       Our company also provides a set of pre processing equipment for the processing of frozen machine.

3.       Our company can provide the refrigeration compressor set, and can be designed, installed and debugged the whole system.

4.       When supply this product, not including building floor, the floor following structure, cold source, electrical materials before electric control cabinet, liquid, gas, water supply and drainage pipe outside the base body,and the small cart (trolley can according to user requirements to be produced) and material outside of this device.

5.       Specific constraint conditions, please refer to the offer specifications.

6.       "Three Guarantees" is implemented in the repair period.

* Technical support:

When you order it to make a reasonable selection according to your own actual conditions, if it is difficult to determine,you can consult my company relevant technical personnel, professional and technical personnel of the company will answer you or according to the actual situation for the design of non-standard products.


1. Nominal production capacity as green beans with 88% moisture content to the design standard;

2. Cold consumption refers to conditions of the condensation temperature is + 35 , the evaporating temperature is 42;

3.  The model which not listed in the table need according to the actual rawings

4.  The nozzle detail size according to the order rawings.


1. Nominal individual frozen production capacity as the green bean with water content of 88% to the design standard; block frozen production capacity in 500g/ block of rape. This equipment can be interchangeably used between IQF and BQF



1This form as green beans  with moisture content of 88% to the design standard;

2.  The diced meat specifications of 20 mm square, feed temperature is 3 ;


3.  The above data are for reference only, actual ability depends on the reasonable processing technology .

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