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SDS net belt type tunnel single body quick freezing device

 SDS series plate belt type tunnel  IQF device is the latest domestic models that the company absorbed the advanced technology and design idea of Japanese TakahashiIndustrial Co.,Ltd and Toyo Machine Manufacturing Co., LTD, and combining with the actual development of domestic production. And the company's professional and technical personnel presided over and formulated the industry standard "quick-frozen food monomer device" (SB/T 10340-2000).The product has the following personality traits :

Frozen food quality: Using air convection reasonable, frozen products does not agglomerate, fast freezing, frozen food quality, fully compliance with the IQF standard.

High efficiency on energy saving:It is a novel monomer quick freezing equipment with high efficiency on energy-saving and keep food maximum freshness.

High heat transfer efficiency:Evaporator using aluminum evaporator with large sets of pieces ( or copper tube evaporator with large sets of pieces) , high heat transfer coefficient, and supporting special fan, the organization of the airflow uniform and reasonable.

A high degree of health:Using the Japan's most advanced design concepts, the internal structure is simple, purification and maintenance is very easy, in line with HACCP management system requirements .

Continuous operation time is long: adopt the whole piece, variable distance, frosting rate is low, long cycle defrosting.

Energy saving: high efficiency of heat transfer effect by using special fan and evaporator, more energy saving.

Frozen widely : Widely used in aquatic products, flour products, meat and poultry products and ice cream and other food.

Easy installation:The machine is mounted directly on the concrete apron , you just need to  adjust level, it is very simple and easy to operate .when the whole machine is out of the factory,it is more convenient and quick.

Quick retrofit designThe company has more than 30 years experienced senior professional and technical personnel, according to the user's special requirements, we can quickly designed to meet the needs of users. 


This series products include stainless steel belt and aluminum alloy crawler; among them, stainless steel belt type have two types to choose: air-cooled freezer and "double effect" type of freezing combine with air convection and flat evaporator; according to the different frozen products and structure ,the blowing mode is reasonablly matched, so that food can be most fully and rapid frozen.

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