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SKD series shelf plate freezer


SKD series shelf plate freezer is the ideal freezing device for dish foodmaking fully heat exchange through high heat transfer aluminum alloy plate and frozen disk bottom closely contact.In order to achieve the purpose of rapid freezing food, cold air forced convection on the surface of the frozen food.

Shelf plate freezing device has a history of nearly 30 years in our country, the actual use of a large number of customers proof that the device has freezing characteristics of  freezing fast, simple operation, small volume, light weight, compact structure, beautiful appearance, low power consumption and investment, etc., it can add water on the way,can be widely used in frozen fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic products, poultry, snacks and food packaging series. The company's professional and technical personnel to participate in the development of the "flat plate freezer device" national standard (GB/T22735-2008).



A.              freezing capacity is based on shrimps with 71% water, fish, meat, poultry and other production is relatively higher than shrimp.

B.               Frozen dish is 5 ~ 15 kg can pack various standard food, in accordance with GB4602.

C.               Cooling consumption refers to the condition of the evaporation temperature is -33, and the condensing temperature is +35 .

D.              This product can be supplied separately, and a complete set of refrigeration units also can be supplied; refrigeration working fluid for R717 (ammonia), R22 or R507A, etc..





A.     This product is a combined structure, the installation is convenient and quick, can be installed by the users themselves, also can be installed and debugged by the professional staff of our company.

B.      This product warranty period is one year, a year later, we provide paid services for life.



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