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SLF type sterilization- cooling - drying production line

Working principle

Using the pasteurization, the various types of packaging or canned food through  product line with temperature automatically adjust, the hot water temperature in the sterilizing tank is controlled in 85 to 90,that not only have bactericidal effect,but also ensure the protein and other nutrients are not fluctuated, maintain food original quality, ensure the food do not add preservatives and additives,and prolong the shelf life,thereby protecting the life and health of the people. At the same time, after the sterilization the food through the cooling water for cooling, dry with strong winds , to extend the food storage period. This product has been patented, and copying is not permitted.


 Equipment composition

The equipment made up of sterilization machine, cooling machine, wind dryer and electric control part. It can realize automatic continuous production by electric control: there are two types:

1.       Standard control: adopt linkage control through steam solenoid valve and temperature sensor .

2.       Intelligent automatic control: use computer touch screen and PLC program automatic control.


 Product features

1.       Using food grade stainless steel (SUS304), safety and health

2.       Adopts pasteurization, can maintain the original quality, long shelf life.

3.       Adopt automatic temperature control, speed controlled by frequency converter, automatic assembly line, low labor intensity, can be equipped with computer automatic control system.

4.       The equipment is easy to use and maintenance, and the appearance is beautiful.


The models with humanized panel touch screen operation, through the computer and PLC control of sterilization, cooling and air drying., and can mate printers to output the parameters of the whole operation process, realize the man-machine interactive operation, it is simple, convenient, temperature control precision, convenient adjustment, the scope of application widely.

Order description

1.         When ordering, customers can choose can choose our company’s standard model, we provide production capacity, variety, size and other basic parameters.

2.         When ordering, please tell us which type you need:standard control type or computer automatic control type.


3.         Provide the production process requirements and the layout of the production process, so that we can make a reasonable design for you.

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