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LD spiral monomer quick freezing device

 LDD, LD series spiral quick-freezing device is the domestic latest models which the company absorbed advanced design idea of the Mizuno Corporation of Japan, Sweden FRIGOSCANDIA companiesand with our independent innovation and development also the company's professional and technical personnel participate in setting the "spiral quick-freezing device" national standard (GB/T 22733-2008).It not only has characteristics such as energy saving and little occupation areabut also has the following characteristics:

1.      The evaporator with a large set of all aluminum evaporator (or a large set of copper tube evaporator), high heat transfer coefficient, low poly frost rate, continuous working time is longthe air distribution is uniform and reasonable.

2.      The key support parts and easy pollution and difficult cleaning parts, using thick and polished stainless steel pipe production, conform to the requirements of the specification of the HACCP.

3.      The design of internal structure and driving mechanism is reasonable and simple, it is convenient and quick to maintenance and replace parts.

4.      The new driving system is adopted to ensure the synchronous operation of the net belt and the rotary tower. After the system is stopped, the residual tension of the belt is zero, so the service life of the belt is prolonged.

5.      All models of the parts selection, are using international quality and domestic manufacturing products, vulnerable parts are easy to buy and replace,  low operation cost.

6.      Frozen products range: the device applicable to pastry food, small packaging food, prepared food, ice cream and other food quick freezing, also suitable for shrimp, fish and other seafood and fried food which is frozen for a long time.

7.      This series of models can use automatic cleaning system according to the user's requirements, and according to the user's special requirements for special design.


This series of products including LDD and LD series, according to the different blowing types and feed location, there are various types of products for selected.

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