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SPD series hydraulic horizontal plate quick freezing device


Freezing principle

Contact plate freezer as early as 1924, applied to the frozen foodthrough successive modification the device has developed into the food placed in between the layers of the aluminum alloy plate evaporation and transfer heat. the refrigerant flow in the aluminum alloy platedirect evaporate,rapidly transfer heat and cool, so as to achieve rapid freezing.

The characteristics of the contact freezing method:

1.       The high heat transfer efficiency. The heat transfer coefficient is from 93.04 to 139.56 W/m2 (80 ~ 120 h kcal/m2), and the relative freezing time is short, and the freezing speed is fast.

2.       Less energy consumption: the freezer without fan and drive, save energy consumption.

3.       Small occupation space: this equipment is compact structure, small volume, light weight, easy to operate.

4.       Less dry consumption: the device through the flow of the refrigerant in the flat plate directly evaporate to cool, rapid transfer heat, no wind, less food dry consumption.


Influence factor

1.             The cooling temperature, the refrigerant flow rate, material of aluminum alloy plate, degree of surface finish and contact are the main factors that affect the freezing.

2.             Using R717 as refrigerant, the evaporation temperature is -40 ~ -45  or as cooling medium , the temperature is -35 ~ -40 C.

3.             The closer the contact between food and metal plate, the better heat transfer effect; the experiment shows that the 1mm gap between food and metal plate, food freezing time will increase by 40%.

Product composition

1.               Retaining heat preservation structure: using the duplex stainless steel plate (or lateral painted steel plate), the inner core is polyurethane.

2.               Refrigeration system: evaporator using antirust and porous aluminum alloy plate, and supporting ammonia (fluorine) refrigeration compressor (Group) for cooling.

3.               Hydraulic system: Using a cylinder to lift plate shelves.

4.               Bracket: outdoor pedestal adopts hot carving galvanized steel, indoor bracket adopts stainless steel and Aluminum Alloy material.

5.               Electrical control:  using IEC standard electrical components.



1.       Production capacity use water content of 73% fish as the design basis.

2.       Plate sizeis 600mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 75mm(H), 10~ 15kg/ disk.


3.       This product can be supplied separately, can also combinative supply, the refrigerant is R717 or R22, R507A, etc.

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