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Edamame sheller

Edamame sheller   

Extrusion technology is the core technology of the shelling machine. Double roller device as the core device of shelling machine.

Working principle is: when edamame pods are guided by vertical to the biaxial roller, flat end of the edamame pods first clamped by rotating shaft, through the shaft roller rotation, edamame pods through shaft roller to move forward, because the two shaft roller clearance is small, Thick drum section in the middle of edamame pods are difficult to through, kernels of edamame pods are squeezed by axial roll, which are relative to the pod shell, backward sliding,and open the pod shell, realize threshing and shelling, at this moment, pod shell in the before of biaxial roller, the grain in the back, to reach the grain and shell separation and division.

This equipment is specialized for fresh edamame section shell processing, adopts full stainless steel manufacturing. Has the following features:

1.  With high efficiency: Model 250 can handle fresh edamame 250 kg/H. Another 500 type are available, the type 500 can handle fresh edamame 500 kg/H. Of course, 100 kg/H are available.

2.  The bean kernel rate is high, the edamame benevolence as high as 60%.

3.  This equipment can process one grain edamame or not the full edamame, turning waste into treasure.

4.  The operation is simple, running stability is good.

5.  It can significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers, increase efficiency of the production.


6.  In addition to the electric motor are all made of stainless steel, convenient cleaning, clean, health and safety.

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