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TS dehydrator for fruits and vegetables


TS  type dehydrator for fruits and vegetables is designed for dehydrating vegetablees that innovated on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced technology in the 90’s and related technical information. Its basic principle is through heat exchange with high temperature steam, so that the normal temperature air change into a high-temperature dry hot airair temperature reached 120℃,so the water in vegetables is evaporatedachieve the purpose of drying.It is applicable to the processing of mungbean sprout, garlic, onion, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, pumpkin, radish, potato chips and fruit and medicinal herbs,and the processing capacity for example to dehydrated green bean sprouts, is TS-30 35 ~ 50kg / time TS-60 type 70 ~ 100kg times.


1.       The moisture content of fruits and vegetables can reach 8 ~ 10% after dewatering.

2.       The temperature of the material tank can be automatically adjusted and controlled.

3.       The material tank is made up of food grade stainless steel material, completely conform to the export of food hygiene standards.

4.       The condensate water is automatically discharged by trap , energy saving effect is good.


5.       The fan adopts adjusting device, the wind speed of the groove can be adjusted according to the different size of the product.

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