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Partial customer case:
1. Nanjing Agricultural University 12. Ningbo hung Wei Food Co., Ltd. (or Ningbo Jiayi Food Co., Ltd.)
2. Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University 13. Zhejiang Yinhe Food Co., Ltd.
3. Shanghai Ocean University 14. Yurun Group, Shenyang Yurun Food Co. Ltd.
4. Beijing Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences 15. Dalian wild goose Group Co., Ltd. (or Dalian Fu Tian Food Co., Ltd.)
5. Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences 16. Fujian Sunner development Limited by Share Ltd
6. Wufangzhai group Limited by Share Ltd 17. Hangzhou intercontinental Food Co., Ltd.
7. Sichuan submarine catering Limited by Share Ltd 18. Zhejiang Jindun fan Limited by Share Ltd
8. Haitong group (Xuzhou Co., Ltd.) 19. Kaifeng Air Separation Group Co Ltd
9. Xiamen Lancang agricultural cooperatives 20. Hangzhou rivers Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
10. Chengde Manman Food Co. Ltd. 21. Zhengzhou three and Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.
11. Wuxi much flavor food Co., Ltd.  
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